Chess Players Rule!

You make excellent executive decisions, relish complexity, and foresee what is most crucial and relevant. We, the devoted, daring, and driven members of the Exposition Park Chess Club consider you a kindred spirit. We warmly invite your participation in our chess club.

This coming second Sunday of the month, April 11th, 2010, was to have been the date of our April open tournament. However, due to the City's financial crisis, the commissioners of the Los Angeles Public Library system have decided that beginning Sunday, April 11th, the Central Library, and the regional libraries, including the Exposition Park Library, located near USC will no longer be open on Sundays. Our Sunday tournament is, in effect, canceled.

I, as President of our chess club, am now calling upon long-time members and others interested in the long-term continuance of the club to attend a meeting in the Library's study room tomorrow, Saturday, April 10th, 2010, from 12:30 to 2:00 PM to decide the club's future direction, and, indeed, to decide whether it shall continue at all!

The Library's address and contact information is: 

Exposition Park Regional Library
          3900 S. Western Ave.
          Los Angeles, CA 90062
          Tel: 323 290 3113
          Fax: 323 290 3153

The Library, with its ample lot parking, opens on Saturday at 10:00 AM; The meeting shall begin at 12:30 PM and continue until 2:00 PM.


By participating in this meeting you will help decide two important issues affecting the club. The first would be, with Sundays no longer available for meetings, what other days and hours would be convienient for meetings? A second, and no less important matter would be,  who will make up  the new leadership of the newly reconstitued chess club.

Let nothing deter you! Come to the Saturday, April 10th, 2010, meeting  to help decide the future of this club!

Because of the crucial importance of what will be decided at this meeting, it is strongly urged that you attend and offer your input; the very existence of the club is at stake!

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